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Nama : Prof. Luchman Hakim, S.Si.,M.Agr., Ph.D.
Nat. Civil Servant ID : 19710808 199802 1 001
Sex : Male
Place, date of Birth : Malang, August 8, 1971
Recent position : Head of Central Laboratory of Life Sciences
Telephone : +62341- 575841
e-mail : luchman[at]
Home adress : Jl. Selorejo Kota Malang 65145
Field : Biological/Environmental conservation, Tourism management, Ecotourism Planning and development, Ethnobiology and Indigenous knowledge system

Luchman Hakim

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  2. tias

    hello!. nice picture.where was u taked that picture?i never seen that greteast creatuered of God in my life.i want someday continue s2 my school in biology conservation. can I ask u if someday i need ur .information.thank’u

  3. tias

    hello, i ever email to u. but there’s not respon. has it changed ur addres?. if yes, pls give me the new email ok.thanks.

  4. tias

    iam sorry i write wrong my email. ok, i send again. thank’s

  5. Dimas Mahendra

    Good Post

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